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What's Up! Looking For Like Minded People!

Let's see...I'm in my mid 20's, but age doesn't matter to me. I'm from up north and it's cold this time of year. I'm hoping to find some people who share a few common interests or even personality quirks!

I'm not mainstream, that's for sure. I'm not steryotypically femenine, I find certain crude humor funny, and my way of seeing things isn't always what others would. Even my family is all WTF when it comes to my fascination with history, and all things that aren't super happy kawaii! Or something.

It annoys me when people look at me and say I still look like a teenager, or talk to me as such. Weeaboos (those who's lives revolve around anime) should probably steer clear of me. I'm no anime hater, just fussy in what I'll watch. Asian culture interests me, and recently I took too learning about the Korean alphabet. I hate when everything is compared to Japan like that!

People are often surprised to learn I'm a metal listener, and Rammstein is my favorite! I even met a guitar player from it. Richard Kruspe. I have a picture, but that's only available upon request. I'm embarrassed how I looked when I was 16. I don't know enough German to say I know it, but I do know a few words and phrases here and there. Yes, I learned from the songs I listen to after reading the English translations.

I love art! I draw and make jewelry for the most part. Nature photography is also fun. I remember in trade school we had this ceramics painting room that was open at night. The dude working in there would not display dragons or fantasy art that he deemed "evil." Even with an explanation till I was blue in the face about what it was, he remained a stubborn turd who thinks all art should be sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn farts. Yeah, that's so how the world is!

I have two tattoos. One being the kanji sign for courage, the other being a plumeria flower on my back. The first one was when a friend from work three years ago gave me a gift certificate that paid for half. I had to have it remade, the artist was still learning, but I was proud I actually went through with it. I have two earrings, both stretched to 0g, and holding. I want an earring through the cartillege part of my ear, but I'm afraid if I sleep on it, it could become a problem.

If you want to see what I look like, follow the link!

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