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hey everyone I'm Maria. I just joined here. I'm a 30 something year old living in ny. I made a new journal but I am definitely not new to it at all. Im here with the hope of meeting some new friends. In the past its where I have made several of my closest friends so I am trying it again.
I had thought i was done here but I really need a place to write my thoughts in and read others as well. I dont always update a lot because I would really write when theres either something on my mind or something I am dealing with. I will comment though.

I am a really easy person to get a long with but i do plan to use this journal for many things. some serious and others not so serious. I love to read. I am a coffee fiend .I love all things disney and 90s classic alternative rock. I am into feminism and art. I also am very girly and have been told Im like a little girl at heart. If I make a strong connection with someone I am always there as a friend for those I love. I added a lot on my profile but theres way more. If yiu feel we'd get along. feel free to add me. :D ♥
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